By: Dorothy Hatic

When I was in college, there was a debate swirling around about whether or not the “school” should follow or lead society.  The old Sabre Tooth Tiger Curriculum was often cited by those who believed that the educational “system/institution” should lead society.  That logic was based upon the story of how, in the days of the cave man, when man’s very survival was threatened by such things as the Sabre Tooth Tiger, man needed to know his enemy and how to protect himself.  So, the tribe taught the young how to kill Sabre Tooth Tigers.  And then the Sabre Tooth Tiger became extinct, but the tribe was still teaching its children how to kill the Sabre Tooth Tiger long after its demise.  Certainly, a great example of how teaching and learning, as well as the Sabre Tooth Tiger, can become lost in the patterns of how we repeatedly do things!

I am not sure that the school can really lead society, although it should do a better job of keeping up with it.  And I am not sure that I personally know the answers to any, let alone all, the pitfalls that education faces.  I do know, however, that N-1 Games and our team at Conscious Dimensions are designing curriculum to make some headway in that direction.  We are not working on math projects or history lessons.  We do not intend to offer science project ideas or suggest to anyone how to teach grammar or proper sentence structure.  What we plan to offer are unique and fun ways to start dialogue about issues that very much impact our kids and society.  

What if a classroom teacher had tools at her disposal that could be used to, say, for instance, teach children about bullying?  Or what if students had a forum where they could discuss issues that affect their young lives, but which do not surface because there is not a safe place or a context in which to discuss them?  What if a child had the opportunity to see himself and others connected in more ways than they imagined?  What if teachers had fantasy characters that speak to students in non-threatening ways, teaching them about love, peace, humility, vulnerability, truth, justice and other virtues? What if students could journal about their inner landscapes without fear of judgment?  How might these possibilities spill over into the various subject areas, and most importantly, into the society-at-large?

At N-1 Games and Conscious Dimensions, we believe these possibilities all lie with uniquely patented intellectual property embedded within unique curriculum.  Coming soon on our website will be nine stories, told in nine books, which will be offered for sale.  We will be making available to interested educators assistance, in the form of training, to learn how to use additional materials for sale, which complement these books.  With a little creativity, there are no limits to the ways in which a classroom teacher might engage individual students in self-awareness as well as appreciation for individual differences in others.  At N-1 Games and Conscious Dimensions, we can think of no better way to help educators lead our children to a relevant understanding of themselves and how they impact their society!