“Do or Do Not. There is No Try”…Yoda (Star Wars)

I used this phrase on a friend of mine who said he was going to “try” to do something.  Immediately, and without hesitation of any kind, my mind recalled, and my voice regurgitated Yoda’s quote. 

My friend looked at me quizzically, and contemplated a moment, saying, “I’m not sure I buy that.” 

As I brought up scenarios where the logic applied…he brought up scenarios where it became in question, and I began to doubt what I thought I knew.

They call him “Coach”, and he asked, “If one of my players misses a tackle and gives his best effort…and maybe even slowed the carrier down so someone else could make the tackle and he comes off the field and says, “I tried Coach”…what is my reply? Do or Do Not. There is no try??

What do you say about this? Do you buy it as truth?  What are your thoughts?

Myra Baker, Conscious Dimensions, LLC