By: Dorothy Hatic

The F.A.C.E. nine character of N-1 the Awakening is Rayna.  Rayna’s story is one of deep commitment to the character, Ramthor, who is a F.A.C.E. type eight.  Ramthor and Rayna are dear, dear friends of the N-1 Games group because they brought us all together in many ways to launch, what was to become, N-1 the Awakening.  

Originally, Deborah Ooten heard their story from its originator, Robin Grant, our artistic director and partner.  He was in Las Vegas at his first International Enneagram Association conference.  He and Deborah and some friends were in the swimming pool and Robin told Deborah the story of Ramthor and Rayna.  Deborah cried when she heard it.  Roughly, it went something like this:

Ramthor had been captured and imprisoned by the Paragons, the bird creatures from Orix’s home world called Paragonia, who are driven into Ramthor’s world in a desperate search for water.  These angry birds are known for their rigid adherence to laws and conformity.  They are, therefore, not above imprisoning Ramthor in order to impose their values and moral virtue upon him.  And Ramthor is a powerful creature, not at all of the same mindset as the Paragons, believing himself to be the fierce and totalitarian ruler of all.  

When Rayna stumbles upon Ramthor in a dense forest clearing, imprisoned in chains and without any clearly defined power or stamina to help himself, Rayna is struck by this powerful creature and his utter helplessness.  However, she can also see that his chains are merely tethered from above and his helplessness is self-induced.  He repeats the words of his captors that he is too weak and too powerless. Unbeknownst to Ramthor, the Paragons have been lacing his food with a powerful drug that keeps him from knowing his own strength.  

And then appears before him, the quiet and demure, golden goddess, Rayna, who bears a key for his release.  However, Ramthor must retrieve the key himself from Rayna and unlock his chains by his own power.  The horned creature that is Ramthor hesitates, not understanding his own power or knowing that his freedom lies within him.  Ramthor must endure much physical and emotional pain, as well as a complete trust and vulnerability, to take the key, which will ultimately secure his freedom, from this stranger.  

And Rayna will return to her foggy world where she falls asleep to herself and to her people, living in a self-induced fog of her own.  Both characters temporarily give away their own power to others, believing themselves to be powerless.  And each will react differently to his own personal awakening.  

Will Ramthor and Rayna meet again?  Will Ramthor return the gift of life to his beloved savior, Rayna?  Will Rayna ever awaken from her foggy, island existence?  Does she even want to awaken?  What will become of the Paragons who desperately need water for their drought stricken world?  Join us as the story unfolds for both your reading pleasure and for the sheer delight of understanding the F.A.C.E. types eight and nine.  Their journeys will entice you to know about the entire N-1 Galaxy and the hidden treasures and delights that are N-1 the Awakening.  Coming soon!