by Dorothy Hatic

Hopefully you have already met Ramthor on your smart phone or other smart device.  He is the main character in the tower defense app, Ramthor’s Tower: Maze Defense, brought to you by N-1 Games.  But there is only so much we can do on a phone app.  Ramthor has so much more depth and personality than he reveals to us in his one dimensional game play, which, while lots of fun, can only, by virtue of its required brevity, reveal so much about its main character.

Coming soon, however, in publication, is Ramthor’s complete story.  Again, complete, in so much as limited words and art can reveal.  Just like anyone, Ramthor is multi-dimensional.  He is complex and deep.  He is indescribable.  

Yes, he is fantasy.  He is half- man, half- beast just like he appears in the app.  But he is also so much more.  No doubt, you know someone like him.  You might even be like him yourself.  There is no mistake that he is delightfully relatable.  The good, the bad, and the ugly shine through to reveal a complete person. His entire story is worth reading.  The complete Ramthor will both irritate and entertain you.  You will both admire and revile him.  Ramthor is that dynamic personality that draws you in, and, at the same time, makes you step back.  His story is worth a read for many reasons.

  1. Ramthor is a type eight personality.  He is bold, defiant, willful, self-confident, and confrontational.  Reading his story, you will instantly relate to someone you know, maybe even yourself.  As Ramthor emerges from one level to the next, you will see the personal growth that is possible for this personality type.  You will both honor and redress him for his choices.  
  2. Ramthor’s story is rich in metaphor and symbolism.  The art in the manuscript is beautiful, telling much of Ramthor’s story in the stunning and dramatic artistry.  This personality type is illustrated in both the art and the metaphor, describing Ramthor’s personal journey to become his true essence.  
  3. Ramthor is a survivor.  From Ramthor’s basic fear of being controlled to his basic desire to protect himself and others, Ramthor is a leader.  Throughout his story, you will learn to trust Ramthor, knowing that his deepest wound is learning to trust you.
  4. Ramthor illustrates that being vulnerable is all right.  For Ramthor, learning to be vulnerable is what saves him.  Vulnerability is his most difficult and, yet, most endearing trait.  You have heard of big teddy bears or big bad wolves.  That is Ramthor, wrapped up in one giant hulk of a character.  
  5. Ramthor will make you glad you knew him.  Ramthor’s story doesn’t end in this manuscript.  He lives on in Rayna’s story (type nine).  He loses much in his story.  He loses his horns.  He loses the love of his life.  Weakness?  Failure?  You will have to read to find out.  
  6. Ramthor’s journey is, by design, everyone’s journey.  If you are not a type eight like Ramthor, do not think his story is not a part of your own.  We have all types in us.  Somewhere in Ramthor’s journey, there is a message for you.  Your reaction to Ramthor will tell you much about yourself.  Let the lesson be a mirror that you can observe it without judgment.  It is simply a reflection for you to see and think about.  It is deep.  It is profound.  It is Ramthor.  

As CEO of Conscious Dimensions/ Play N-1 Games, you can imagine the excitement that stirred in me when I got the invitation to give the Keynote Address at the International Enneagram Association/Korea. Korea and Samsung are synonymous in my app/gamer mind. Our team is made up of mostly iPhone/iPad users …which is something I have never been able to wrap my mind around. Why would game makers use a product that less than 10% of the world uses?  But I’m going to use this opportunity to take the app to those non-iPhone users in the world that make up the other 90% and introduce them to our Ramthor app.  I am excited about learning a new culture, talking about the enneagram, and taking Ramthor’s Tower Defense app to Korea for Samsung users to download and play.  I am actually sending the app ahead of me so that individuals who are attending the conference will be able to have some game play before I even arrive. Looking forward to sharing my findings with my team and all of you!

Dr. Deborah Ooten Ph.D