Today I’d like to share a bit of myself with the reader.  I want to share my approach, creative process, and imagination behind the design of Ramthor’s Tower:  Maze Defense, and why it means so much to me.  

Ramthor, the main character in N-1 Games’ smart device app, and one of nine characters in N-1’s “Chronicles”, has a fixation of ego that resembles my own egoic fixation.  My personality type has been identified as “Type 8”.  Although Ramthor and I are two very different characters, our basic, conditioned behaviors (usually reactive) are very much the same.  Therefore, throughout this game, I was able to genuinely put my mind and heart into the narrative to represent my fixation of ego in the most transparent way to exemplify most honestly a “Type 8” personality.  

Each time the player clears a grid square to create his maze, he is subtly, but most certainly, making a new and willful decision with each press of the finger.  Many people have suggested to me that the grid space clearing functionality should be more “user friendly”; however, as the creator, I believe that this common strand of “user friendly” design would actually decrease the game’s problem solving and teaching tools.  In life, we evolve and succeed more quickly if we always know that we face a decision at all times.  Many people can lose this knowing and end up at a perceived “dead end.”  To me, the truth of the matter is that “dead end” isn’t real; it is just perceived as real because one forgets that they can make a decision to do something differently.  Many people can get complacent in a “way of life” or a “way to live life” or “the way to live life”, believing that there is a set way to do it.  There is no one way to do it; there is no way to do it.  We are life, and at all times we have a choice to enforce our kinetic energy throughout the potential energy that surrounds us.  

All of this can be taught, I believe, with more game designs that require more deliberate decision making.  To think that our behavior is just “good enough” actually halts our evolutionary process to be ever presently growing, like the tree.  A tree is life just as humans are life.   In each jewel quest of N-1’s app, the player in Ramthor’s Tower: Maze Defense is presented with a new environment.  Each environment at each level is directly influenced by historical eras of the human race.  At each level, the player embarks on a subtle journey back into time, while being present with whom he is now.  Certainly, he is creating a maze, defending his city as in each of the previous levels, but each maze is different, becoming increasingly more difficult, so that the idea behind the design is that the player evolves with the environment, and with the history of the human race.  

RT:MD in my imagination is a key to the hearts of our ancestors, a key to our hearts, and a key to the hearts of our futures.  A true man, I believe, is a man that can be present with his past, while holding courage, faith, and a goal to grow and evolve from his mistakes.  This is what Ramthor is all about.  Ramthor wants to evolve with the cosmos, with nature and with all of life.  He will grow, too, and continue to do so unless the player is unable to make the choices to help him evolve.  In truth, Ramthor’s choices are the player’s choices.  We can die short of our potential, or live tall with all that we can.  Ramthor chooses the latter.  Many, however, do not.  

So, I ask you…Do you know the Ramthor within you?  

Zach White, Game Designer/Quality Assurance Manager

Conscious Dimensions, LLC

114 Wellington Place

Cincinnati, Ohio 45219