By Dorothy Hatic

Coming to press soon are the N-1 Chronicles.  They are the nine stories which were written about nine personality types, which we refer to as F.A.C.E. (Furthering Awareness of Character and Essence).  Aside from the obvious entertainment value of the stories, each chronicle features a fantasy character, representing one personality type. Each artistic caricature is metaphoric of personality type and is designed to enhance both storyline and personality characteristics.  The storyline offers scenarios in which the creatures evolve through the seven levels of consciousness (F.A.C.E.T.-Furthering Awareness of Consciousness, Experiencing Transformation) by a problem-solving technique called L.E.G.S. (Life Evolving Guidance System).  

F.A.C.E. represents each character at each level of consciousness.  If I thinks of myself, I can look back and see my life at the various levels.  For instance, Ramthor (F.A.C.E. Eight) at the Amethyst (purple level) is referred to as the Priest.  The worldview is that everything is animistic and magical.  Everything is alive, including the rocks, trees, and earth.  And everything has meaning.  Remember when our playtime was full of magic and wonderful intention, and we found that special book/story that spoke to us with so much belief in it that it paved the way for our understanding that, without that magic, life was a little too scary and perhaps impossible.  Our beliefs at that level were like a protective force between us and the forces of nature.  Ramthor is like that.  He is the priest, and the protector, of our tribe and our group.  Ramthor is one of those storybook characters to whom we looked up and from whom we expected deliverance from those demons/”nightmares” in our closets.  And like Ramthor, we grew to understand that the worldview changes as our experiences and level of consciousness provide us with more information and more knowing that our individual needs are somehow different.  

By the Turquoise level, Ramthor comes to the understanding that we are all one.  He sees himself as a part of the larger cosmos, which serves the individual and the whole as the same.  He realizes that all actions and non-actions impact all beings, and the entire cosmos.  It is a much higher understanding than the Amethyst understanding, but Ramthor understands, too, that he had to go through the Amethyst level to arrive at Turquoise.  At Turquoise level of consciousness, Ramthor lives with and accepts the paradox of all things.  But it is his journey, through all the levels, that delivers him to Turquoise, and therefore, illuminates for the reader the acceptance of all that is, including ourselves.  

At each F.A.C.E.T., we ask ourselves, “Who am I?”  It is a teaching moment in our chronicles.  It is a time to reflect upon where we’ve been, and where we’re going.  We have the opportunity (L.E.G.S.) to identify a new problem, envision what the possible solutions to that problem are, and to make a realistic assessment of which solution might be the best one for us.  Momentum then takes place, as we experience this part of our choice through the journey upon which we find ourselves moving, in the majestic flow of learning experientially the consequences.  And then!  We get to ask ourselves, “Well, how did that work for you?”  

Really!  How did that feel?  What did I learn?  Where am I now?  Who am I?  

Imagine, reading a story such as one of the N-1 Chronicles, and, with our character, celebrating with the award of a piece of gear to aid the character in his on-going journey to a new level of consciousness.  And think of your own rewards to good choices you make for yourself and your group, rendering you to a different place (figuratively speaking), where yet another challenge waits.  Yet the process is the same at each juncture.  Define the problem.  What are the possible options for solving it?  How do I go about doing that realistically?  Carry out my plan.  Now, how did that work out for me?  And then I celebrate for my stick-to-itiveness.   That is what our chronicles call L.E.G.S. (Life Evolving Guidance System).  It helps our characters live and grow and evolve through our seven levels of consciousness, or F.A.C.E.T. (Furthering Awareness of Consciousness, Experiencing Transformation).  

That is only the beginning of what you can learn from the N-1 Chronicles.  Following each character on his journey opens up a plethora of opportunities to see others, including ourselves, in images never before imagined, but which ironically, relate intimately to our own special virtues.  



02/17/2016 9:41pm

I felt really sad to read this news because he was really a very good person as we can read here and we can fill the place that he left empty. I hope that his family will recover the pain of losing him and his family should share this news wit more people by the help of writing service. Chief Emmanuel Elekwachi Chukwueke is looking so nice in the picture up there.

11/13/2017 9:40am

My friends know that I am not into reading that much. I love reading blogs, but books are all different things for me so I don't dare to read books with a lot of pages! But it's still a good thing that you have said that we can learn a lot of things from the book. Every book has a lesson to offer, and I am ecstatic to know that this one has a lot of things to offer! I may not know what exactly kind of lesson I can get from this one, but I am so curious to know it!

02/29/2016 2:45am

That book in the hands of that boy is looking very interesting and i am sure that the writer of this book have something special and important for us anyway i really like the cover of this book.

11/12/2017 10:33pm

At that point, we can learn many things if we want to.


N-1 Chronicles is a series of great adventures.


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