Following Her Return from the International Enneagram Conference In San Francisco, California, July, 2015

Dorothy Hatic

I had the great pleasure of sitting down with Deborah following her return from the International Enneagram Conference in San Francisco, followed by a week’s side trip to Banff, Alberto, Canada for her son’s wedding.  Also, just days prior to our sit down, Dr. Ooten had an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion on her neck.  She was resting comfortably and was feeling much improvement.  

I asked Dr. Ooten what the highlights were for her of this year’s IEA conference.  

“Before I get into the highlights of the conference, I want to tell you how well our books were received. As you know, Robin crafted the art for the folded cards that Mary Barr Rhodes envisioned to announce our Books of Nine.  We made the cards available to the conference participants and presenters to promote the Collector’s Edition of One Hundred Books of each character’s journey of self-discovery.  The cards were beautiful and received enthusiastically!  Many people were so very impressed with the art and were excited about the completion of the books, wishing us continued success in getting the enneagram out to younger audiences.”

“The Collector’s Editions of the Books of Nine are now available on our website and following this link:  Remember, only one hundred collector’s copies of these books will be made available.  Get your set ordered today.”

“Thank you for allowing me to mention the books before answering your question.  I am so excited about them.  At last, young people can learn about themselves in a genre that speaks to them.  While enjoying storylines that are intriguing as well as relevant to our world, our young readers can seriously ponder questions at the end of each chapter that will bring understanding and awareness to them.  Now.  To the conference.”

“I was delighted with the conference this year.  There was a renewed sense of camaraderie, collaboration and connection that was the best in years, as evidenced by the fact that so many of the excellent presenters were more willing to share their work.  They were very generous with their work and this felt extremely collaborative…so much more than in recent years.”

“A second highlight was getting to teach with Beth O’Hara on transformation and change and helping people to work through their various issues.  I am always pleased to teach with Beth…to prepare our presentation and bring it to fruition at the conference.  The audience is engaged and engaging…a definite highlight for me always, and again this year.”
“I also had an opportunity to enjoy several of the other presentations, all, of which were quite interesting and thought-provoking this year.  I especially enjoyed Bea Chestnut’s presentation on the subtypes, of which I took copious notes, and Patrick O’Leary’s history of the IEA and the modern enneagram movement.  Another wonderful presentation was the endnote by Uranio Paes, which did not disappoint!”

“Those were the main three highlights for me, although there were certainly more.”

I asked Dr. Ooten if anything else, in particular, stood out for her.

“On a more personal note, I was especially pleased with my continuing personal and working relationship with the South Koreans.  We were able to solidify the School of Conscious Living Korea while I was there and I have a trip to South Korea set up for January.  I will be joining Young Ja Kim and her group to teach the enneagram and the spiral with Beth O’Hara for a week in January, and then again later in the year.”

“Also, the days of the conference were some of the most physically challenging and trying times for me.  Beth O’Hara, particularly, and Lance, Diane, and Ben White, as well as many others, helped to take care of me while I was there.  Without them, I would not have been as able to enjoy the conference as I did, and I want to thank everyone for helping me through a most difficult time while I was there.”

Our thanks to Dr. Ooten for sharing her thoughts on the 2015 IEA conference.  



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